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Après Ski is the accessories project of Barcelona designer Lucía Vergara, inspired by her passions for vintage aesthetic and handmade, traditional techniques. Noted for timeless designs, Après Ski fuses a wide range of influences with hand-glazed artisanal techniques, always carrying a signature ease and wearability.

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Jinete B Earrings Jinete B Earrings
Après Ski Jinete B Earrings
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Sanat Earrings Sanat Earrings
Après Ski Sanat Earrings
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Rio Earrings Rio Earrings
Après Ski Rio Earrings
Girasol Earring Girasol Earring
Après Ski Girasol Earring
Flos Earrings Flos Earrings
Après Ski Flos Earrings
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Violeta Earrings Violeta Earrings
Après Ski Violeta Earrings
Derviche Earrings Derviche Earrings
Après Ski Derviche Earrings
Scabiosa Earrings
Après Ski Scabiosa Earrings