Italian luxury brand Marni was founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni following her rise to prominence as a designer after producing various pieces off the base of her husband's company. Marni is consistently innovative and continues to experiment with bright colors, exaggerated pattern work and out-of-the-box techniques that allow each collection to separate itself from other same league designers.

  1. Marni Tazzo Sneaker Eclipse/Haze

    Marni Tazzo Sneaker

    In stock
  2. Marni Shoulder Bag Pumpkin/Pelican/Black

    Marni Shoulder Bag

    In stock
  3. Marni Belt Bag Lily White

    Marni Belt Bag

    In stock
  4. Marni Carol Skirt Herb

    Marni Carol Skirt

    In stock

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