Produkte von Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf

Developed through the ambitions of three friends (Andreas Pirkheim, Wolfgang Scheucher and Katharina Schlager), Andy Wolf is a personal project launched in 2006 to create eyewear made with the highest level of care and attention to detail. Each frame undergoes a 90 step process and is handmade in the founders’ hometown Hartberg, Austria.

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Gretl Cat-Eye Sunglasses in Black Gretl Cat-Eye Sunglasses in Black
Andy Wolf Gretl Cat-Eye Sunglasses in Black
275,00 € (20% gespart) 220,00 €
Tamsyn Sunglasses in Brown Tamsyn Sunglasses in Brown
Andy Wolf Tamsyn Sunglasses in Brown
355,00 € (20% gespart) 284,00 €
Volta Sunglasses Volta Sunglasses
Andy Wolf Volta Sunglasses
337,00 € (20% gespart) 269,60 €