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Abstract Nude + Nipple and Hoop
Knobbly Studio Abstract Nude + Nipple and Hoop
The Abstract Nude + Nipple and hoop in Gold from Knobbly Studio is a pair of handmade silver earrings featuring two abstract feminine figures, each with a classic back closure.
Deconstructed Nude Earring Large
Knobbly Studio Deconstructed Nude Earring Large
Gold filled wire with solid 9kt gold ball.
Plaquette Necklace
MALAIKARAISS Plaquette Necklace
Anna Double Bangle
Vibe Harslof Anna Double Bangle
The Anna Double Bangle in Silver from Vibe Harsløf is a silver bracelet consisting of two concentric bangles attached by a smaller third ring, worn in a relaxed fashion on the wrist.