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Since leaving his position as creative director of Hermès in 2014, Christophe Lemaire has thrown his energies into the namesake line he leads with Sarah-Linh Tran in Paris's Marais district. Emphasizing quality throughout everyday life, the brand has become known for fashioning sensual, understated designs which embrace both the runway and everyday life.

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Small Bum Bag Small Bum Bag
Lemaire Small Bum Bag
Sold Out
Cape Coat Cape Coat
Lemaire Cape Coat
Overshirt Overshirt
Lemaire Overshirt
€425.00 (40% off) €255.00
Apron Skirt Apron Skirt
Lemaire Apron Skirt
€990.00 (50% off) €495.00
Tie Dress Tie Dress
Lemaire Tie Dress
€565.00 (30% off) €395.50
Light Elasticated Trouser Light Elasticated Trouser
Lemaire Light Elasticated Trouser
€315.00 (50% off) €157.50
V-Neck Shirt V-Neck Shirt
Lemaire V-Neck Shirt
€305.00 (40% off) €183.00
Jersey Chino Trouser Jersey Chino Trouser
Lemaire Jersey Chino Trouser
€455.00 (40% off) €273.00
Flared Trouser Flared Trouser
Lemaire Flared Trouser
€425.00 (50% off) €212.50
Half-Raglan Light Sweatshirt Half-Raglan Light Sweatshirt
Lemaire Half-Raglan Light Sweatshirt
€290.00 (30% off) €203.00
Fitted Overshirt Fitted Overshirt
Lemaire Fitted Overshirt
€330.00 (50% off) €165.00
Twisted Shirt Twisted Shirt
Lemaire Twisted Shirt
€360.00 (40% off) €216.00
Twisted Dress Twisted Dress
Lemaire Twisted Dress
€495.00 (40% off) €297.00
Chesterfield Coat Chesterfield Coat
Lemaire Chesterfield Coat
€1,375.00 (40% off) €825.00
Popcorn Top Popcorn Top
Lemaire Popcorn Top
€1,995.00 (50% off) €997.50
Overshirt Overshirt
Lemaire Overshirt
Turtle Neck Top Turtle Neck Top
Lemaire Turtle Neck Top
Turtle Neck Top Turtle Neck Top
Lemaire Turtle Neck Top
Unisex Long Overshirt Unisex Long Overshirt
Lemaire Unisex Long Overshirt
€605.00 (30% off) €423.50
Unisex Trenchcoat Unisex Trenchcoat
Lemaire Unisex Trenchcoat
€965.00 (40% off) €579.00
Twisted Earrings Twisted Earrings
Lemaire Twisted Earrings