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Italian luxury brand Marni was founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni following her rise to prominence as a designer after producing various pieces off the base of her husband's company. Marni is consistently innovative and continues to experiment with bright colors, exaggerated pattern work and out-of-the-box techniques that allow each collection to separate itself from other same league designers.

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Grip Bag
Marni Grip Bag
€2,350.00 (30% off) €1,645.00
Tie-Neck Short Sleeve Top in Lake
Marni Tie-Neck Short Sleeve Top in Lake
€400.00 (40% off) €240.00
Polo Collar Striped Shirt
Marni Polo Collar Striped Shirt
€460.00 (40% off) €276.00
Shirt in Lilac and Brown
Marni Shirt in Lilac and Brown
€315.00 (30% off) €220.50
Trousers in Glass
Marni Trousers in Glass
€370.00 (40% off) €222.00
Trousers in Lily White
Marni Trousers in Lily White
€560.00 (30% off) €392.00
Reggiseno Top
Marni Reggiseno Top
€235.00 (30% off) €164.50
Viscose Skirt
Marni Viscose Skirt
€710.00 (30% off) €497.00
Short Sleeve Printed Shirt
Marni Short Sleeve Printed Shirt
€430.00 (40% off) €258.00
Sleeveless Dress
Marni Sleeveless Dress
€2,350.00 (40% off) €1,410.00
Patterned Slides
Marni Patterned Slides
€300.00 (30% off) €210.00
Sandals in Black and Honey
Marni Sandals in Black and Honey
€370.00 (40% off) €222.00