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Established in 1993, Miu Miu, the little sister of Prada, represents the independent and unconventional spirit of designer and founder, Miuccia Prada. Designed for the edgier woman with references to muses such as actress Chloe Sevigny, Miu Miu’s designs carry a feeling of carefree sophistication, spontaneity and sensuality.

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Green Striped Handbag
Miu Miu Green Striped Handbag
Crochet Dress
Miu Miu Crochet Dress
Crochet Skirt
Miu Miu Crochet Skirt
Satin and Vinyl Mules
Miu Miu Satin and Vinyl Mules
Striped Handbag
Miu Miu Striped Handbag
Quilted Handbag
Miu Miu Quilted Handbag