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Originating from Malmö, Sweden, Séfr was founded by long-term friends Per Fredrikson and Sinan Abi in 2016. With an attractive palette and clean-cut tailoring, Sefr offers an everyday wardrobe using premium materials.

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Jay Sweater Jay Sweater
Séfr Jay Sweater
Leth Sweater Leth Sweater
Séfr Leth Sweater
Clin Tee Clin Tee
Séfr Clin Tee
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Leo Bathrobe Shirt Leo Bathrobe Shirt
Séfr Leo Bathrobe Shirt
Leon Trouser Leon Trouser
Séfr Leon Trouser
Sin Cord Jeans Sin Cord Jeans
Séfr Sin Cord Jeans