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Simone Rocha

Irish designer Simone Rocha has been a staple in London Fashion Week following her debut collection in 2010. Debuting only nine months after her graduation from Central Saint Martins, she has built her portfolio through a distinctive attitude that transcends through each collection and collaboration. Rocha’s design is often referred to as ‘feminine,’ which she successfully explores through a modern point of view, contrasting soft silhouettes on hard textures, embellishments, and tailoring.

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Drip Earrings Drip Earrings
Simone Rocha Drip Earrings
Sold Out
Three Tier Earrings Three Tier Earrings
Simone Rocha Three Tier Earrings
Bustier Trench Coat Bustier Trench Coat
Simone Rocha Bustier Trench Coat
Side Tuck Tulle Dress Side Tuck Tulle Dress
Simone Rocha Side Tuck Tulle Dress
Pin Tuck Smock Dress Pin Tuck Smock Dress
Simone Rocha Pin Tuck Smock Dress
Encased Tulle Dress Encased Tulle Dress
Simone Rocha Encased Tulle Dress
Handheld Leather Bean Bag Handheld Leather Bean Bag
Simone Rocha Handheld Leather Bean Bag
Printed Floral Baby Wrap Bag Printed Floral Baby Wrap Bag
Simone Rocha Printed Floral Baby Wrap Bag
Chunky Baroque Hairclip Chunky Baroque Hairclip
Simone Rocha Chunky Baroque Hairclip
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Victorian Earring Victorian Earring
Simone Rocha Victorian Earring
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Large Crystal Daisy Hoop Large Crystal Daisy Hoop
Simone Rocha Large Crystal Daisy Hoop
Japanese Slide with Beading Japanese Slide with Beading
Simone Rocha Japanese Slide with Beading