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Utilizing deadstock fabrics and other unconventional and prefabricated materials, GmbH’s imaginative resourcefulness underscores their process of thinking and creating. Merging shapes and details of the workday with the aesthetic ingenuity of local techno and street culture, the synthesis of lifestyles and inspirations reinforces the distinctly Berlin attitude of GmbH.

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Zimmerman Trouser Zimmerman Trouser
GmbH Zimmerman Trouser
€640.00 (40% off) €384.00
Frey Vinyl Trouser Frey Vinyl Trouser
GmbH Frey Vinyl Trouser
€365.00 (40% off) €219.00
Ercan Two-Tone Fleece Jacket Ercan Two-Tone Fleece Jacket
GmbH Ercan Two-Tone Fleece Jacket
€675.00 (30% off) €472.50
Jeenu Raincoat Jeenu Raincoat
GmbH Jeenu Raincoat
€1,170.00 (40% off) €702.00
Moses Pullover Moses Pullover
GmbH Moses Pullover
€370.00 (40% off) €222.00
Asia Mono Printed Longsleeve Asia Mono Printed Longsleeve
GmbH Asia Mono Printed Longsleeve
€485.00 (50% off) €242.50