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Simon Porte Jacquemus launched his namesake brand in 2009 at the age of 19 with no formal training. Experimenting with exaggerated, asymmetric, deconstructed shapes, Jacquemus encompasses effortless sensuality. Quickly becoming one of the most recognisable names in Paris Fashion Week, it is regularly credited for reviving French fashion with a fresh, youthful energy.

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La Chemise Boulanger La Chemise Boulanger
Jacquemus La Chemise Boulanger
Le Marin Le Marin
Jacquemus Le Marin
La Chemise Meunier La Chemise Meunier
Jacquemus La Chemise Meunier
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La Maille Pierre La Maille Pierre
Jacquemus La Maille Pierre
Le Pantalon Pêche Le Pantalon Pêche
Jacquemus Le Pantalon Pêche
La Double Maille La Double Maille
Jacquemus La Double Maille
Le Manteau Arles Le Manteau Arles
Jacquemus Le Manteau Arles
La Robe Seya La Robe Seya
Jacquemus La Robe Seya
Le Bandana Le Bandana
Jacquemus Le Bandana
Le Gadjo Le Gadjo
Jacquemus Le Gadjo
La Veste Meunier La Veste Meunier
Jacquemus La Veste Meunier
Le Sweat Meunier Le Sweat Meunier
Jacquemus Le Sweat Meunier