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Existing since 1872, current Creative Director Jonathan Anderson utilises new textures and colour to reinvent what is described as the new chapter of the luxury fashion house. Working with the same expertise in leather craftsmanship and combining that with a new direction, Loewe redefines modern luxury

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Anagram T-Shirt
Loewe Anagram T-Shirt
Anagram Sweatshirt
Loewe Anagram Sweatshirt
Denim Trench Coat
Loewe Denim Trench Coat
€1,100.00 (50% off) €550.00
Flap Pocket Short
Loewe Flap Pocket Short
€1,900.00 (50% off) €950.00
Pyjama Trouser
Loewe Pyjama Trouser
€490.00 (50% off) €245.00
Strap Messenger Small Bag
Loewe Strap Messenger Small Bag
€1,550.00 (40% off) €930.00
Sleeveless Cropped Sweater
Loewe Sleeveless Cropped Sweater
€550.00 (40% off) €330.00
Stripes Blanket
Loewe Stripes Blanket
€490.00 (40% off) €294.00
Flower Shorts
Loewe Flower Shorts
€390.00 (30% off) €273.00