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Marine Serre

Upon receiving the prestigious LVMH prize for her graduation show ‘Radical call for Love’ in 2017, French designer Marine Serre launched her highly anticipated label the following year. The label responds to the current social and political climate, an honest expression of the interests and concerns of today’s generation. Having trained under notable fashion houses such as Maison Margiela, Dior, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, Serre adapts her personal philosophy with the highest level of garmet production, defining the label’s motto ‘hardcore couture.’

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Straight Pants
Marine Serre Straight Pants
Biker Jacket
Marine Serre Biker Jacket
Hybrid Falling Sun-Pleated Dress
Marine Serre Hybrid Falling Sun-Pleated Dress
€1,250.00 (40% off) €750.00
Futurewear Babouche
Marine Serre Futurewear Babouche
€290.00 (50% off) €145.00