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Italian luxury brand Marni was founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni following her rise to prominence as a designer after producing various pieces off the base of her husband's company. Marni is consistently innovative and continues to experiment with bright colors, exaggerated pattern work and out-of-the-box techniques that allow each collection to separate itself from other same league designers.

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Coat in Light Blue
Marni Coat in Light Blue
€775.00 (60% off) €310.00
Trousers in Dark Grey
Marni Trousers in Dark Grey
€540.00 (40% off) €324.00
Crewneck Tank Top
Marni Crewneck Tank Top
€380.00 (50% off) €190.00
Law Bag
Marni Law Bag
€1,090.00 (50% off) €545.00
Duster Coat
Marni Duster Coat
€1,695.00 (60% off) €678.00
Short Sleeve Dress
Marni Short Sleeve Dress
€1,315.00 (50% off) €657.50
Plexiglass Earrings
Marni Plexiglass Earrings
€480.00 (60% off) €192.00
Leather Clutch Belt Bag
Marni Leather Clutch Belt Bag
€990.00 (60% off) €396.00
Trunk Shoulder Bag
Marni Trunk Shoulder Bag
€1,530.00 (40% off) €918.00
Cotton Woven Coat
Marni Cotton Woven Coat
€1,590.00 (60% off) From €636.00
Wool Coat
Marni Wool Coat
€1,980.00 (60% off) From €792.00
Hook On Earrings
Marni Hook On Earrings
€450.00 (60% off) €180.00