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Our Legacy

Founded in 2005 by Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin, Our Legacy has since set out to draw inspiration from the most timeless of designs and repurpose them to cater to a more contemporary market. Realizing the design ideals of years gone by, Our Legacy constructs each garment with care and precision, paying particular attention to the often-overlooked characteristics in the simplicity of a fabric.

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Club Jacket
Our Legacy Club Jacket
Reduced Trouser
Our Legacy Reduced Trouser
Policy Shirt
Our Legacy Policy Shirt
Box Shortsleeve
Our Legacy Box Shortsleeve
Rib Tube Skirt
Our Legacy Rib Tube Skirt
Ruffle Top
Our Legacy Ruffle Top
Tuxedo Skirt
Our Legacy Tuxedo Skirt
Loose Hoodie
Our Legacy Loose Hoodie
Sack Skirt
Our Legacy Sack Skirt