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Paloma Wool

Barcelona brand Paloma Wool was founded by Paloma Lanna in 2014. Daughter to founders of eighties Spanish brands Globe and Nice Things, Lanna has an eye for beautiful design. Gaining a loyal customer base through their warm, analogue-film filled Instagram, Paloma Wool feels more like a creative project than just a fashion brand. 

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Lagone Coat Lagone Coat
Paloma Wool Lagone Coat
Piero Knit Sweater Piero Knit Sweater
Paloma Wool Piero Knit Sweater
Sold Out
Noche Knit Sweater Noche Knit Sweater
Paloma Wool Noche Knit Sweater
Minibus Top Minibus Top
Paloma Wool Minibus Top
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Flor Top Flor Top
Paloma Wool Flor Top
Malica Shirt Malica Shirt
Paloma Wool Malica Shirt
Mandia Top Mandia Top
Paloma Wool Mandia Top
Milton Trouser Milton Trouser
Paloma Wool Milton Trouser
Veleta Earrings Veleta Earrings
Paloma Wool Veleta Earrings
Altavista Dress Altavista Dress
Paloma Wool Altavista Dress
Kafue Top Kafue Top
Paloma Wool Kafue Top
Guru Dress Guru Dress
Paloma Wool Guru Dress
Sold Out
Mitsubishi Puffer Jacket Mitsubishi Puffer Jacket
Paloma Wool Mitsubishi Puffer Jacket
Lago Dress Lago Dress
Paloma Wool Lago Dress
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