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Following establishment by the Copenhagen-based design agency, e-Types, Playtype has since grown to become one of Denmark's pioneering type foundries, producing some of the best Danish-driven design across a wide range of products including mugs, posters, notepads and clothing.

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The Wave Mug
Playtype The Wave Mug
Venti Quattro Mug
Playtype Venti Quattro Mug
Pessimist Mug
Playtype Pessimist Mug
Anarchist Mug
Playtype Anarchist Mug
Feminist Mug
Playtype Feminist Mug
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Optimist Mug
Playtype Optimist Mug
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Beat Mug - Disco
Playtype Beat Mug - Disco
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Beat Mug - Techno
Playtype Beat Mug - Techno
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Beat Mug - Trance
Playtype Beat Mug - Trance