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Founded by two friends Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts in Copenhagen, Saks Potts has already gained international recognition since launching in 2014. Making a conscious decision to step away from a typically clean, minimal aesthetic of Scandinavian designs, the brand has become best known for their striking, colourful outerwear collection that is thoughtfully designed to last more than a season.

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Reflective Skirt Reflective Skirt
Saks Potts Reflective Skirt
€280.00 (40% off) €168.00
Foxy Shearling Gloss Coat Foxy Shearling Gloss Coat
Saks Potts Foxy Shearling Gloss Coat
€1,330.00 (40% off) €798.00
Reflective Jacket Reflective Jacket
Saks Potts Reflective Jacket
€490.00 (40% off) €294.00
Yin Yang T-Shirt Yin Yang T-Shirt
Saks Potts Yin Yang T-Shirt
€100.00 (50% off) €50.00
Lis Wrap Top Lis Wrap Top
Saks Potts Lis Wrap Top
€230.00 (50% off) €115.00
Yasmin Dress Yasmin Dress
Saks Potts Yasmin Dress
€400.00 (50% off) €200.00